Steve's vision and action plan for Shelburne
​​As a growing community, we all have a responsibility to ensure that Shelburne remains a welcoming, inclusive and safe town to raise a family while having the necessary infrastructure and resources to support our growth. I believe we can accomplish this and more when we are working together! My vision for Shelburne is grand but achievable! It includes supporting our local Fire, Police and EMS services. Our first responders are not just service providers but they are our friends and neighbors who care deeply about our community! It's my committment to canvass all reasonable options in which we can keep our first responders in town for years to come. My vision also includes establishing and maintaining a vibrant Arts and Culture scene. This can be accomplished by utilizing Grace Tipling Hall, Fiddle Park and other venues to attract world class entertainment. This initiative will bring much needed tourism revenue to our town and will provide a direct economic benefit to our local bussiness. When it comes to recreational opportunities in Shelburne, I will support local organizations, seek private/public funding options and will work with our larger corporate partners to create and fund recreational programs for our youths and seniors.  On the issue of employment, I will continue my work with the Georgian Youth Jobs Program and other agencies to ensure our children can work and earn a fair income. It is also important that all of our residents have the chance to pursue meaningful career opportunities right here in Shelburne. As a result, it is my plan to work closely with the town's Economic Development Committee to attract new industries. The future of Shelburne must include a plan to address the rising cost of new homes and the impact on our seniors. As such, I will work with developers to secure affordable and accessible housing for seniors who wish to remain in Shelburne. When it comes to healthcare, having access to medical resources is critical in a developing commmunity.  According to the 2016 Census, Shelburne is the fastest growing town in Ontario and the second fastest growing town in Canada. Because of the rapid growth, I firmly believe residents must have convenient access to healthcare facilities, educational programming and medical equipment such as x-ray and ultrasound scans right here in town. To achieve this, I will continue my work with Headwaters President and CEO Stacey Daub who recently agreed to hold a health fair  in Shelburne in 2019. The purpose of the health fair is to provide information on the healthcare services available and to obtain feedback from residents on what services are still required. On the issue of transportation, I am determined to end the public transit woes that currently restrict our residents from connecting with neighboring communities. To secure transit for Shelburne, I will take a two-pronged approach. First, I will continue my ongoing discussions with Slyvia Jones MPP and Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. In addition, I will encourage Council to pursue high level discussions with GO Transit highlighting the business case for the much needed extension from Orangeville to Shelburne.
As a result of many productive discussions with our residents, I am committed to the following action plan:

  Promote manageable growth while ensuring new development
    improves the character of the town;

•  Welcome and celebrate our new and existing residents;

•  Establish recreational and employment opportunities for our          youths;

•  Work with government officials and community partners 

    to secure transit;

•  Work with developers to secure affordable and                                    accessible housing for our seniors;

•  Support our local businesses

•  Continue my work with Headwaters President/CEO Stacey Daub      to ensure
 better health care outcomes for our residents;

Reduce taxes through residential and commercial growth; 

•  Pursue truck by-pass options to save our downtown

•  Continue to listen and advocate for all of our residents. With            your
 continued support, I firmly believe we can make Shelburne
   Stronger Together!

Shelburne is the fastest growing town in Ontario and the second fastest growing town in Canada. Shelburne is also the most ethnically diverse town in Dufferin-County.
2016 Census


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